Hi! Olá!

Hello! My name is Ana Margarida Vicente,

I’m 18 years old and I’m portuguese.

Let’s present me by topics.

What I do:

  • I’m studying, and I’m at the last year of the professional course of Technician of Communication – Marketing, Public Relations and Publicity.
  • Next year I’m thinking of going to ESAD (arts university) and take the Graphic Designer course.
  • I write for the local newspaper (Jornal das Caldas) about equestrian events.

What I bring always with me:

  • I’m a photography lover, anywhere I go I take my camera with me.
  • I love drawing and I bring my sketchbook always with me.
  • A pencil of course.
  • And my phone.

What are my hobbies:

  • As I already said, I love photography.
  • Drawing (horses, anime eyes, and other things that come to my mind).
  • Riding (I’ve got two horses, Vivaldi and Invictus).
  • Reading (books are the best gift).
  • Watching anime.
  • I also love to travel.

Me riding my horse Vivaldi (2014)

I created this blog to show some of my work (portfolio), as a diary (writing about my day or my opinion about something) and as a travel diary.

Ps. I’m a beginner so I appreciate if you give me your opinion about my blog and help me to improve it. (^v^)/

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